I have been looking for a new camera. Not that my old ones are broken or very bad. But I want one that has a great zoom and also can film in HD 1080p. My film camera is an oldie as well, it still uses DV video tapes with a resolution on 640×480. My simple pocket camera films in the same resolution, only you can’t use the zoom or zoom as far as the film camera goes. My digital SLR camera works fine but can be a hassle to drag along. But I still love it, even though it is older now.

But seeing I love digital gizmo’s and gadgets, I always keep my eye open for new items. And even though this one isn’t really that new, it has almost all my attention and thinking about it makes my mouth water…

And if ever I can make the journey to Kenya to meet the elephants and rhinos… And if I ever get to travel somewhere else where I am bound to take (many) pictures, this would be my (affordable) choice:

Nikon Coolpix P500


The link will take you to the Dutch site, but I guess you can use Google (or another search machine) to find all the info available in your own language as well.

If any of you, the readers here, have experiences with this camera (or a photo camera from Nikon), please don’t hesitate to share your first hand knowledge with me (and the other readers) by placing a comment.

So I know I want this camera and I know I will save up to buy it… And when I have it, be sure that you will know so too ☺

Please comment here with your experiences BUT please don’t spam. I won’t allow it so save yourself the troubles. Thanks!

PS. For some more information about my camera’s, check this page.